SMD Screen Modules

Difference Between Different Modules

When we are talking about SMD Screen and its business we use P10, P8, P6, P5, P3 Module terminologies. What is the meaning of these words? In this article we’ll discuss this shortly.


P10 is and outdoor module that we use in large screens. The difference between every pixel is 10mm. This Module is recommended for the minimum distance of 10 meters or 20 feet to see the clear and understanding result. P10 Module is good option of long distance and large size.

P10 Module


The distance between each pixel of this modules is 8mm and you can see the clear result from minimum distance of 8 meters.

P8 Module


P6 Modules are also best option for brands, you can see the clear result from 6 meters or 18 feet of distance. The distance between every pixel is 6mm.

P6 Module


P5 Modules can be used both indoor and outdoor, the outdoor type is waterproof and it costs little bit extra as compared to indoor modules that are not waterproof.

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